Best Cbse English Medium School in Sangamner

President Desk

Mrs. Shah Swati Sameer


I feel honoured and proud to watch the SSRVM Institutions grow and expand each year. As the number of institutions and its infrastructure requirements are increasing by the day, there has also been a great amount of changes in the education system. Schools used to prepare learners from the examination point of view. Hence teaching was mainly examination oriented. Today, the role of the Teachers has become more demanding and challenging. Teachers are facilitators in the child’s learning process, as the generation today cannot be confined to the four walls of the classroom, they need to be given scope to go beyond by giving ample opportunities to explore and experiment.


This is truly a place where every child blossoms to be a complete human being! We aspire to scale the great heights of excellence and to contribute to the human, intellectual, spiritual and moral formation of each student. Our team has joined hands to instill self-esteem and creativity in children. We help our students achieve life skills that contribute not only towards one’s dream but building safe and strong community in this strong world!

“ Behind the success of every child lies the dedication of the teacher.”
Kudos to Students & Facilitators!! Jai Gurudev!