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“Children are friendly by nature. If they are unfriendly, it is because of stress. Educating children should be holistic, stress free and not just a process of stuffing their head with information. Today, there is enough intelligence in the World. Now, what the World needs is not more intelligence, but innocence, love and good values.

Knowledge and spiritual awareness should go hand in hand with social and political system. Only then can justice prevail in the society and there be a sense of belongingness with everyone in the world, irrespective of their religious and cultural background or age group. We need to impart this education at the levels of schools and colleges.

Education should ensure that the child blossoms in all aspects of life Arts, Music, scientific temper, combined with human values. The environment should help them to maintain innocence & caring nature.

If you see a 3 to 4 year child there is so much joy & enthusiasm. The same children when they go through high school & college, somewhere they seem to loose all the joy, happiness, enthusiasm and friendliness. So, we thought, there must be some way in which we can make our children very intelligent & at the same time maintain the value in them, the innocence, the love, the happiness, compassion and caring for each other. We should see that they don’t get inhibited as they grow.

So, many educationalists have come together & developed this beautiful programme, in which a child blossoms in all aspects of life. There is an all round development in academics as well as arts, music, sports etc……….

The natural tendency in every child, the inquisitive mind, the quest for learning, the scientific temper, all this is combined with human value in SSRVM.”

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Slient Features

Innovative Learning Process

A proven process of self learning that builds life skills and nurtures leadership

Teachers who are Eternal Learners

Qualified teachers who receive special orientation and training by Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Trust.

Curriculum for All-Round Development

A syllabus developed on NCERT recommended curriculum helps the child to blossom in all aspects of life

Eco-conscious surroundings

Buildings and infrastructure that are eco-friendly and in harmony with the environment
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